Liuksemburgas – klaidus

Sakau jums, paklysti Liuksemburge vieni niekai, turi stengtis, kad nepaklystum:))) Žodž, ne aš viena žiopla kukurūzų laukuose:)) Ir bįėgioti, pasirodo, labai nesaugu, nežinai, kur gali nubėti!!!:))

A1 Motorists couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted a runner happily working out on the motorway. The English national had indeed chosen a very unusual – and dangerous – track for his morning run. On Tuesday morning at 8.15am, a man was seen running on the A1 motorway, near Senningerbierg. He was jogging on the side of the busy motorway. A police patrol immediately stopped the happy jogger and explained to him that it was illegal to run on Luxembourg motorways. The fearless sportsman then explained that he’s only been living in Luxembourg for a month and that he got lost on his morning run – and ended up on the motorway. He also said that he hadn’t been aware of a running ban on Luxembourg motorways. Well, we wonder if there is indeed a running permission on British motorways…?



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2 responses to “Liuksemburgas – klaidus

  1. upsa

    nu bet kai pagalvoji,- jezusmarija, kaip gerai, kad begiot nepradejai, – ka?:)

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